Employee Engagement and Motivation

Understand the concept of employee engagement, how it can be measured and learn how to build an engaged and motivated workforce

Employees who have good quality jobs and are managed well, will not only be happier, healthier and more fulfilled, but are also more likely to drive productivity, better products or services, and innovation.

After completing this training program the participant will be able to:  

  •  Define the business case for employee
  •  Engagement Identify employee actions associated with
  •  Discretionary effort List the manager characteristics that produce
  •  High impact on employee engagement
  •  Describe the manager actions that build trust

Why Employee Engagement

  • ROI
  • Productivity
  • Retention
  • It’s The Right Thing To Do

Motivation Myth

  • “I can motivate people”
  • “Money is a good motivator”
  • “Fear is a damn good motivator”
  • “I know what motivates me, so,I know what motivates my employees”
  • “Increased job satisfaction means 
  • increased job performance”

Optimizing employee motivation is not as simple as implementing a one-size-fits-all incentive system. To truly optimize motivation, organizations must understand and address the wide range of motives that managers have for tackling their jobs.

Innovative Organization Solution suggests that organizations can create environments that foster internal employee motivation in 3 primary ways: bosses, reward systems, and organizational politics.

1)Bosses play a critical role in facilitating their internal motivation.
2)Extrinsic rewards are a fundamental part of organizational life
3)Political Skill are important for individuals to have, a highly political environment interferes with managers’ internal motivation, as they work to maintain their image and gain external approval, rather than acting from within. 


  • Programme for Youth/Prospective Entrepreneurs/Clusters SPVS/Industry Associations/ Chambers.
  • The intake capacity will be 25 to 60 participants
  • Duration : 5 days Program

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