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Innovative Organization Transformation Solution is a multidimensional Training and Development firm ,we offers a quality Training services across India.  As a company, we work very closely with our clients in providing a very ‘hands-on’ approach to the management of all campaigns. 

We also provide Ms excel Platform used by organizations ,consultancies,and Individual for assessing, conducting, and managing organizational change management, and a wide range of programs.

When you plan training and development for your organization, you expect to gain improved skills and productivity, greater retention rates, and an improved brand. 

  1. How effective was the training in helping learners gain relevant knowledge and skills?
  2. Were the learners able to apply what they learned to improve their performance at work?
  3. What other benefits did the training program achieve?

The answers to these questions help you determine whether the training was worth your organization’s investment and answering these questions requires measuring the outcomes.

If Interested in the Excel versions of our Toolkit,select the toolkit(s) you are interested in 

  • 1) Change Management Transform Toolkit. 
  • 2) Communications and Leadership Management Toolkit
  • 3) Behaviour Transform with abc transform toolkit.
  • 4) Economic Impact Assessment
  • 5) Organization Productivity Increasing Transform Toolkit.
  • 6) CAMEL transform Toolkit
  • 7) Indication Chapter toolkit 
  • 8) Law of attraction toolkit
  • 9) Social Impact Assessment toolkit
  • 10) Resistance Management Toolkit

And many more toolkit

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Providing real-time situation of  Training

Actual job performance key performance indicators
Customer satisfaction index
Evaluation of applied learning projects
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the program


  • Perfect The Art of Decision-Making in Your Career: Step-Wise Guide.
  • Career Guidance Tips for Millennial.
  • Ups-killing and Re skilling future 2030

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