Innovative Organization Transformation Solution

Innovative Organization Transformation was born out the necessity to help companies tune their workforce to perform at their fullest potential along with a need to redefine set standards in the field of skill development.

At Innovative Transform solution we have specialized in helping our clients identify people and process challenges that may be preventing their organizations from achieving optimal results understand that each company is unique and has different needs. We offer our clients flexibility in customizing their training:

A world class Transformation capabilities

 #Measurement and Rewards
#Skill and Knowledge 
#Values and Behaviour 
#Communication and Engagement 
#Process and Tools
#Strategy and Leadership 

Business Transformation Or Personal Transformation

Inside or outside the office; in any city or country

Half-day or full-day courses; number of training days

Select specific training sessions; combine training classes.

Our Transformation Services

Some of the Highlights of Our Individual-Transformation Program are:-

#Effective Workplace Communication Training

#Dealing with Difficult People At Work

#Conflict Management Training

#People Skills For A Global Workforce – Cultural Intelligence

#Workplace Violence Prevention

#Behavioral Interviewing Training

#Anti-Harassment Training

#Effective Leadership Training

#Coaching Skills For Leaders In The Workplace

#Management Coaching Training

#Stress Management

#Balancing Work & Family Life

#Removing Barriers To Peak Performance

#Problem Solving Training

#Strategic Thinking

#Developing & Managing Effective Teams

#Team Building 101





We have over 10 years experience

The biggest asset of any organization is its employees. They are the fuel that powers the mechanism of the industry.They need to be equipped with the right skills to make them truly valuable to the company as well as aid their growth and progress.

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We enable clients to reach their full potential with targeted performance improvements, through life coaching, leadership training, behavioral training, motivational speeches, and OD interventions.

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We create a culture that supports transformation and ultimately future growth and success.

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Innovative organisation transformation employs science-proved and reality-backed questioning frameworks to empower employees to be and do their corporate best.

Our services:

This is an effective way to identify any gap between the skills Client’s business needs and those the Client’s employees have. The following are the methods we employ:

  1. Direct observation b) Questionnaires c) Consultation with Immediate supervisors d) Interviews with sample population

A course design is created and customized course content is developed based on the following parameters after the TNA


a) The people to be trained & the conditions under which training is to be imparted b) Appropriate training techniques based on learning capabilities of participants c) Evaluation procedure to be followed d) On-the-job applications

Based on the client’s requirement and TNA the following are the methods we use for training

a)Classroom training (CRT) / Outward Bound Training (OBT) b) The Methodology employed for CRT and OBT will be Experiential Learning (60% Activities and 40% Theory)

Based on the client’s requirement we offer post training support to participants to check effectiveness of the programs

  1. a) Scientific Evaluation of improvement b) Performance Coaching

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